High Definition Cleanser Kit

500ml 2 Sponges 1 Cloth - $89.90

High Definition Cleanser removes old coatings of polish, wax and sealant from your paint.

Old and decaying layers are removed so that fresh ones can be applied to the bare paintwork.

This increases the durability of polish, wax and sealants as you are working on a fresh surface. Cleansing is an essential step if you are serious about paint care.

The kit contains High Definition Cleanser, two High Definition Applicators and a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.

Pro Tip: Do not allow the product to dry, this isn't a polish. Work it into a section and then remove immediately.

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How to use

1. After washing and drying the car gently run your fingertips over the vehicle to check if it feels smooth, ready for cleansing. If not it should be clayed first using the Surface Detailing Clay Kit as per the product instructions. This will remove bonded contaminanats from the surface of the paint.

2. Shake well. Ensure the paint surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight. Apply a generous amount of High Definition Cleanser to the damp High Definition Applicator sponge and work onto the paintwork using a circular motion. Clean only one panel at a time. Buff product off using the Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth then move onto the next panel.

3. Important. Do not allow the product to dry on. Avoid use of this product if a paint protection system has been applied to your vehicle as it may remove it.