Car Glass Polish

325ml - $24.90

Car Glass Polish is Autoglym's most powerful glass cleaner.

This deep cleaning cream, safely removes road grime, water marks, insects remains, tree sap, oil, grease and bird droppings from glass without marking or scratching.

Car Glass Polish is specially formulated to reduce misting and ensure increased visibility of your windscreen.

The polish can be used on interior and exterior glass. If your windows are Perspex, acrylic or plastic use Fast Glass instead.

Pro Tip: Clean your wiper blades with Car Glass Polish to remove any dirt or grime.

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How to use

1. Shake well and apply to a microfibre cloth or foam applicator.

2. Work the polish in a circular motion ensuring all the glass is covered with a thin film. Increase the pressure used to polish over stubborn marks.

3. Allow the film to dry for 5 minutes, then buff with a clean microfibre cloth.