Aqua Wax Kit

500ml + 2 Cloths - $59.90

Aqua Wax is for quickly topping up existing sealants and wax following a wash. It is perfect if you are in a hurry and only adds a couple of minutes to the overall washing and drying time.

Aqua Wax can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including paint, rubber, plastic and glass.

Aqua Wax contains real carnauba wax and allows you to wax and dry your car at the same time. It has the protective benefits of a hard wax, but can be applied in a fraction of the time.

Aqua Wax is not a polish, so will not remove or improve the appearance of scratches, swirls or dull paint. If your paint has these problems use Super Resin Polish.

Pro Tip: Do not over apply Aqua Wax or it can be difficult to buff. 2-4 sprays per panel are all that is required.

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How to use

1. Wash and dry the vehicle and remove most of the rinse water, leaving the car damp.

2. Shake well and apply Aqua Wax sparingly to all exterior surfaces except the windscreen.

3. Take one blue microfibre cloth and spread the Aqua Wax until there is an even coating over all surfaces.

4. Using the second microfibre cloth, buff the Aqua Wax coating to a shine.